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Meher Baba's House at Avatar's Abode

Avatar’s Abode is a 99 acre property held in perpetuity for the benefit of all persons with an interest in Avatar Meher Baba (1894-1969) – a major Indian spiritual figure who stayed here in 1958. For followers of Meher Baba, Avatar’s Abode is one of the four or so most important spiritual centres in the world. Therefore, Baba lovers (followers of Meher Baba) visit Avatar’s Abode throughout the year, from all parts of Australia and overseas.

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Avatar's Abode Trust Report Sept 2014 [PDF 815KB]

About Meher Baba

Meher Baba in Zurich 1934

Avatar Meher Baba was born Merwan (Meherwan) Sheriar Irani into a Zoroastrian (Parsi) family in Pune, India, in 1894. During his teens and twenties, Merwan associated with and was proclaimed Avatar (‘descent of God into human form’) by five spiritual Masters from long-established Maharastran lineages within the Chistiyyah and Qalandari Sufi, and Hindu Datta avadhutas traditions. These figures: Hazrat Babajan (? 1790-1931), Sai Baba of Shirdi (1836-1918), Upasni Maharaj (1870-1941), Narayan Maharaj (1885-1945) and Tajuddin Baba (1861-1925) command pan-Indian followings.

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Visit Avatar's Abode

Avatar's Abode entrance

People interested in learning more about Avatar Meher Baba and His place are welcome to visit the property during the hours of 9 am to 6 pm. There are toilets and tea/coffee making facilities but no food is available.

To arrange your day visit please telephone: Bill Le Page (+61 7) 5442 1248, or Ros or Roy Hayes (+61 7) 5442 1544, or Bernard Bruford (+61 7) 5442 1487.

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Events and Activities

Pratap Ahir, Spring Sahavas Avatar's Abode 2015 special guest

Spring Sahavas
3rd – 5th October 2015

Our guest for this year’s Spring Sahavas at Avatar’s Abode is Pratap Ahir.

Pratap first heard Meher Baba’s name when he was a 14-year old student staying in a Government run hostel in Pune, India for economically disadvantaged students.

The Hostel-in-Charge, Mr. L. B. Thade, was a follower of Meher Baba who was eager to tell more and more people about Baba. In the hostel students he found a captive audience and a series of Baba-doses were administered to the students by him and this seed germinated in the hearts of some students including Pratap ...

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