Avatars Abode Anniversary 2017

Thank you for taking the time to register your attendance for Avatar's Abode 2017 Anniversary. Your input will help us to better prepare for your arrival. You will be assisting our kitchen by providing us with your anticipated schedule.

If this is your first Anniversary, some helpful hints: the weather can be absolutely gorgeous here on the Sunshine Coast in June but it can also be wet so you need to be prepared and bring some wet gear. Also being winter the nights can be chilly, so you will need to rug up for the evening sessions. A torch is always a good idea. Most importantly, bring a smile and all will be right!

Jai Baba!

Anniversary Attendance Form

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Your Plans and Meals

In order that the Kitchen can know how many meals to prepare please indicate which meals you will be having at the Abode. You will be able to prepay for all your meals on arrival at the Abode at the Reception Centre, or alternately you can purchase each meal separately at the Kitchen. If you are not sure of your plans, no worries, you will not be locked into making any payment for what you tell us now. We understand there might be alterations to your schedule, just make your best estimate at this time, it will still be of use to the Kitchen.

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Child Minding:

Please indicate by 15 May your interest in Child Minding being provided on Saturday and / or Sunday evenings during the programme. I am interested in child minding being provided:


Please indicate your interest in camping on Avatar’s Abode for the Anniversary period.
(Deadline for requests is Friday 22 May)

Your Involvement

Volunteers are very welcome and needed. If you or anyone in your group would like to lend a hand, please enter your name(s) and we will be in touch to discuss your preferences.

Performance and Workshop Offers:

Please tick the appropriate box if you wish to make an offer, we will be in contact by email with an attached Performance / Workshop form to begin discussing your proposal.

Please make direct email contact with George McGahey (georgemagoo10@hotmail.com).

Please make direct email contact with George McGahey (georgemagoo10@hotmail.com).

Transport Pickups

Please make direct contact with Ian Cox by email at ianacox1111@gmail.com or by text message or phone on 0458090385.

Any Special Requirements